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Why is English to Vietnamese translation needed?

  • There are some 75 million speakers of Vietnamese in Vietnam, 1.5 million in the United States, many others throughout the world.
  • Vietnam is becoming popular as a tourist destination.
  • Vietnam’s economy has showed steady growth through the 21st century, and the new and expanding middle class is predicted to increase from 13% of the population to 26% by 2026.

English To Vietnamese and Vietnamese to English _ Vietnamese Translation Services

What is professional English to Vietnamese translation?

Our network of elite Vietnamese translators at Access Translation Services are uniquely qualified to translate your documents from Vietnamese to English and from English to Vietnamese, each one is professionally trained and has at least seven years’ experience in the subject area, is a native speaker of Vietnamese, and is a veteran translator. Our professionals know the specifics of the subject content, including the terminology and jargon of the field, as well as the cultural and linguistic character of the target Vietnamese audience.

How do we select an English to Vietnamese translator?

Our Vietnamese translators translate only into their native language of Vietnamese, giving our work a fluid, authentic flavor. The translator communicates not only language but also culture. The translator-editor team will be familiar with your subject matter, whether it is advertising, medical reports, pharmaceutical information, engineering, education, computers and software, marketing, law, business and finance or any other field. By tapping into our global network of native speakers of Vietnamese who are also degreed professionals, we are equipped to handle complicated projects to be translated whether from English to Vietnamese or vice versa.

The following are some of the criteria we employ when selecting a Vietnamese translator:

  • A native speaker of Vietnamese.
  • A degreed professional.
  • A minimum of seven years of experience in the field to be translated. As a rule, an engineering manual will be translated and reviewed by an industry-experienced engineer, and a legal document translated from English to Vietnamese will be translated and reviewed by a legal professional.

What industries need English to Vietnamese translation?

  • Academics
  • Advertising
  • Business
  • Energy and gas
  • Engineering
  • Finance and banking
  • Legal

  • Marketing
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Technical writing
  • Tourism
  • Transportation

Why is Access Translation Services my best choice for English to Vietnamese

The translation of English to Vietnamese needs to be in the trustworthy hands of experienced professionals. Access has those trustworthy hands. An award-winning leader in the English to Vietnamese industry for over 25 years, Access offers you:

  • Top-quality translations in all file formats
  • A staff of expert translators at your service
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Punctuality
  • An established reputation of dependability and satisfied clients

English to Vietnamese Document Translation Services

Our worldwide network of translators expertly translates your documents from English to Vietnamese. The documents we translate include, among others:

  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Business documents including but not limited to letters, proposals, invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading, annual reports, business plans, reports, and analyses
  • Business presentations
  • Divorce decrees
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Education documents
  • Financial documents
  • Help documents for software programs

  • Insurance documents including policies and marketing documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Marriage certificates
  • Medical documents
  • Press releases
  • Product information
  • Technical documents
  • Tourism documents

English to Vietnamese Translation of Documents for Education

Access Translation Services has many years of experience in translating education documents of all types from English to Vietnamese. We have done Vietnamese to English translations for the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, the Department of Children and Family Services, the American Red Cross, the Department of Housing, and the Department of Homeland Security, including:

  • Company HR manuals for employees
  • Education of the public regarding health issues for state and federal governments
  • Education on childcare
  • Employee handbooks
  • Government Medicaid
  • Medical trials
  • Safety education for industries

English to Vietnamese Translation for Business and Finance

Vietnam represents an attractive market for industry from advertising to investing. Its economy was one of the few countries with the least damage from the COVID pandemic. In fact, it is expected to grow 6.6% in 2021.

Your business and financial documents may contain highly sensitive information that you do not want to share with someone who is not a professional business and finance translator. The confidential nature of the documents you are translating should be trusted only to experts who understand the importance and complexity of the information.

Our business and finance translation professionals at Access Translation Services can be trusted to deliver you a top-quality Vietnamese to English translation.

They know the language, regulations, requirements, and other particulars of the business and finance world. Your Vietnamese translation will be perfect: accurate, conforming to relevant international regulations, and culturally compatible.

English to Vietnamese Legal Translation Services

We are committed to ensuring accuracy and reliability in our Vietnamese legal translation services. Our experience includes 25 years of providing legal translations for complex and multilingual cases, including documents such as:

  • Affidavits
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Depositions
  • Evidentiary documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Judicial statements
  • Land titles

  • Legal briefs
  • Legal contracts
  • Litigation documents
  • Real estate documents
  • Rental agreements
  • Wills
  • Witness statements

Vietnamese Technical and Engineering Translation Services

Most credit for Vietnam’s impressive economic development is from manufacturing and the steady demand for their exports of products such as food, furniture, paper, plastics, and textiles. Large state-owned industries maintain the rate of manufacturing, but agriculture is also an important factor, employing 36% of the workforce. There is much information to be translated in these fields to be shared with other countries.

Our specialized Vietnamese translators offer both technical mastery and expert linguistic skills. Because of its specific and intricate content, technical and engineering translation should only be entrusted to expert and experienced translators who have actual work experience in the field they are translating, that is, professionals. We guarantee that your finished project will convey your information in an accurate and culturally compatible manner.

Vietnamese technical and engineering translation involves documents that contain especially complex information, such as:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Operation manuals
  • Patents
  • Product safety data reports
  • Safety manuals
  • Technical specification
  • Technical instructional manuals
  • Technical drawings

Customized Technical and Engineering Services

The customized technical and engineering translation services at Access will adapt your project translation to comply with your content, formatting, and target audience needs. Your completed Vietnamese technical and engineering translation as done by Access will be publication-ready.

Our professional technical and engineering translators have all the know-how to provide you with superior Vietnamese technical and engineering translations.

English to Vietnamese Medical and Healthcare Translation Services

Medical information is vitally important in any case, but the coronavirus pandemic dramatically taught the world how essential the need for the precise and expeditious communication of medical information is. Medical and healthcare content without exception must be translated with total accuracy; a misunderstanding or mistranslation could have disastrous consequences.

Vietnam’s population represents a potentially important sector for the medical and healthcare sectors. In 2019, 55.5% of the population was reported to be less than 35 years old. By extension, it is anticipated that the over-65 age group will increase 2.5 times by 2050.

Customized Medical Translation Services

The customized medical translation service at Access respects your needs regarding content, format, and target audience and will accommodate your translation to conform to those specifications. Your delivered English To Vietnamese or Vietnamese to English medical translation will be ready for publication, registration, and introduction in the Vietnamese market.

Translation is a potent marketing tool in making your product or service available in the Vietnamese-speaking world.

Offering clinical protocols, research findings, pharmaceutical packaging, medical manufacturing items, insurance statements, and other types of documents in accurate and correct Vietnamese is important.

Our expert medical translators have the skills to provide you with excellent Vietnamese medical translations.

Your medical and healthcare documents are translated at Access Translation Services by actual medical professionals. They know the language and the culture of the Vietnamese target audience as well as the special terminology used in medical and healthcare translations. Not only will your delivered translation be faultless in terms of accuracy, it will comply with the pertinent international standards, regulations, and cultural criteria.

English to Vietnamese Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Access Translation Services has been providing outstanding quality English To Vietnamese and Vietnamese to English translations to the pharmaceutical market. Our professional Vietnamese translators have first-hand experience in the pharmaceutical field so we can guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of your Vietnamese pharmaceutical translation.

Vietnamese pharmaceutical translations we have done include:

  • Clinical reports
  • Drug safety information
  • Marketing documents
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Patents
  • Patient information
  • Pharmaceutical information about products including characteristics, side effects, etc.

English to Vietnamese Website Translation and Localization

The Access expert linguists and software specialists who are part of our comprehensive translation services can assist you in translating and localizing your website smoothly and efficiently.

Website localization involves more than translation: it is a process of tailoring your website’s content—both vocabulary and tone—and applications to the particular culture and preferences of a different region.

Localizing and publishing your website in Vietnamese is an extremely productive way to share your product or service with the Vietnamese-speaking population and can significantly affect the expansion of your business worldwide.

Vietnamese Software and IT Translation Services

We offer comprehensive software and IT translation services and work in areas such as:

  • Computer applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Procedure manuals
  • Programming files
  • Software specifications
  • Software user interface (UI)
  • Websites and web pages
  • XML, HTML database files

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“Your team not only met deadlines for hundreds of pages of translation, but often sent us material early. … your rates are extremely competitive, the quality of your work is excellent and your cooperative efforts and reliability superlative.”
Cooperative efforts and reliability superlative . . ., Jon L
“Access Translation Services has been extremely helpful in guiding us through these translations and has always given us exceptional service. I must be honest and admit that we have put some very tight time constraints on our translations, but they always manage to get the job done …”
Extremely helpful ... exceptional service ... . . . , Gwen E .
“Access Translation Services did an outstanding job. They provided a superior service at a reasonable price, and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”
A superior service at a reasonable price . . . , Doug M.
“When I receive an estimate of four to five days for translating an instruction manual into two foreign languages, I am very pleased, of course. When the job is actually completed in only three days, I am amazed. Here’s to you. Keep up the good work.”
Here's to you. Keep up the good work . . . , Brent M.
“As our two countries increase their knowledge and understanding of each other, it will be no doubt be due in large part to many “citizen diplomats” like yourself who contributed to the exchange.”
'citizen diplomats' like yourself ..., Mary B.
“Your personal attention to our needs has been invaluable to us. You have been very prompt in delivering translations before the required date, and the accuracy of the text is always very dependable.”
Your personal attention to our needs has been invaluable ..., James G.
“The challenge of this project is to translate a rather technical document into language … which may be easily understood by the average reader. ACCESS has helped us to meet that challenge. The work was handled in a professional and timely manner, with the highest degree of accuracy and customer satisfaction experienced in the three years we have engaged in this annual project.”
Heartfelt appreciation for all you have done ..., Nan B.
“We selected ACCESS for its translation services based on the outstanding reputation. We found them to be professional, efficient and courteous.”
...We selected ACCESS ... based on its outstanding . . ., Ben E.
“Your accuracy and efficiency were superb. You were friendly, professional and punctual, and it was a pleasure to work with you.”
... accuracy and efficiency ... superb ..., Frances G.
“ACCESS was not only excellent in their technical analysis but in their willingness to be of assistance to explain the various nuances that differentiate English from Italian. I would recommend ACCESS to anyone seeking translation services. I am sure that their thoroughness and promptness will be extended to all for whom they are retained …”
...thoroughness and promptness ..., Robert V.
“Thanks to your expertise and services, we have been able to supply our clients with accurate translations on time and within budget. Thank you again for your high-quality service, hard work and dedication.”
... high-quality service, hard work and dedication... , Diane D.

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